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"September 11, 2001"

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JWax....Jeff, Jazzy Jeff, Jiggity Jeffrey, Jefe, H-dawg.

kickin it AriZonA style with all the HOT BIZNITCHES!

im a -- yr old dude, who likes to chill.
somehow i have a job and a place to live.

if you are white, black, religous, crippled, retarded, or just alive,
you may be offended by this site!

YO, whats up?
welcome to my phat page full of stuff.
im jus gonna throw some shit on here, whatevers cool.
email me if you like/dislike, to suggest a link or report a bad one, ThAnKs...

and have a nice day!

let me know what you think about this damn site..
send internet mail to by clicking this picture
or just find my guestbook

 no kick the baby!

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my page of kick ass bands...
if youre cool at all, youll like this shit

KiCk AsS Mu(sic)

links to various sites and odd places

Other Links

my stick figure movies, check deez out!

GIF Moviez

(hint: its 4:20!)

heres a little somethin for the...


real-time drawing board

Drawing Bored


this page or pages associated with it are most likely always...

 dont call me fat!

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