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thanks for checkin out my links
(this shit is probably really outdated, but i aint changin anything!)
there are currently 150 links

A+B+C Graphics tons of images for your webpages take a trip wit me
Mind Trip yummy

Am I going down? in this airplane?

AngerFunk i duno what the hell this is but theres gotta be at least 30,000 links on this page

Anonymizer, Inc. stay anonymous when searching the web
Anonymouse search the web and email anonymousely email n stuff, see for yourself

AOL Stuff put color in profiles and other aol tricks

APB Online the source for police and crime news, information and entertainment, the 'G-files'

Audio Galaxy good Mp3 Search

Backyard Ballistics make spud guns and other lil weapons

 beware the penguins!
The Beasty Game have fun for hours with this one! find something to do here

Bubble Bodywear sounds comfortable

Bud Ice drink this shit to get wasted
Pete's Wicked Brew my personal fave to get a buzz

Bumper Dumper the ultimate tool for outdoor relief the internet superstore find radio stations and a ton of other broadcasts all over the country

Candystand 'shockwave 5.0' plug-in sports and arcade games for prizes

Cave of Magic yepp

 hey remember me? CDnow buy CDs, real audio samples

Celebrity Morgue where the rich and famous come to die

Comedy Central cool channel that i dont get, but i have the site

 eeeevil! Conspiracy Theory Homepage weird stuff eh?

Cooking by Numbers easy as 1, 2, eat ask questions, offer observations and provide leads to these very detailed staged crimes

Courtesy Flush Etiquette for real life

Daily TV daily tv, music, movies, sci-fi n stuff info

The Death Clock the internets friendly reminder that life is slipping away...second by second

Deformed Frog Pictures finally!

The Dialectizer now you can speak jive, redneck, and pig latan
Twists, Slugs, and Roscoes speak like a hardboiled detective

Dogpile Search searches looksmart,, thunderstone, yahoo!, dogpile Open Directory,, lycos top 5%, infoseek, direct hit, lycos & altaVista and more
 ok guys, jokes over...bzzzappazzap you can, like, download stuff here

Drink Stuff cool drinking accessories, just add alcohol!
Home Brew Digest make ya own brew
More Beer more tips

Drugs Information info for all your recreational drug needs

DuctTape 101 the wonderful wacky world of duct tape

Dull Men's Club celebrate the ordinary

Dumb Laws stupid rules

E-Campus college bookstore

Elizabethan Curses learn to swear like shakespeare the most shocking site on the web

Electric Games find demos and free games for ya PC or MAC

Element USA take surveys and get free stuff...tell 'em i sent you (#119033)

 he shoots and scores? ESPN SportsZone ESPN Sports NHL action

 mmmm..blubber Evil Minds, Inc. cool drawings and other art
Realm of a Dying Sun more cool art

Exploding Whale yeah...a whale...see pic

Fake ID Zone you didnt hear this from me..

The Fake News a great site for a great comedian, norm macdonald search over 75 million files.

Flatulence Filter it really works!

FoodPix what did you eat today?

Foreplay Primer you need practice

Furniture Porn sitting down will never be the same again

Fuck You!

Game Revolution find cheats and other info on for all ya favorite video games

 ::cough cough:: Get Outraged cigaretts kill 470,000 people a year...wheres the outrage?!
the Truth know ya factos about tabacco

God Hates Fags probably...from the Westboro Baptist Church Website
God Hates America yeah he just might this is for you sick sick bastards out there or really old dudes

Hampster Dance annoy someone

Herpes Help it worked for me

Hot or Not? submit your pic and find out

Happy Pipes very nice selection
High Times Magazine gotta love high times! what do you want to know about weed?
 scratch n sniff! its 420! time to go to this page!
Virtual Toke send someone you like a virtual puff puff
The 420 Times the online marijuana magazine
YaHooka the guide to marijuana
Got Time? my site with TONS of LINKS to more HERB pages

InvisibleWeb the search engine of search engines
HTML by Example-Jalfrezi easily find out the html you want
Java Boutique tons of java stuff

I Love Cheese i love cheese, do you?

JWax's Home Page my home page, you shoulda been there already

JWax's Kick Ass Music Page the bands i like and other helpful music stuff
JWax's Links Page this is the page you are on stupid
JWax's GIF movies Page a few animated movies i made

Just a Tip anonymously tell your friends they have problems

Just Surf It live web cameras in south florida! and a few other party places

 nice pussy! Kiss This Guy whoa dont get me wrong, its a website with misheard lyrics to a bunch of songs

Kitty Porn sorry, gotta be 18 to see these hot feline lesbos!
Live Nude Cats whisker to tail, foul breathed pussy cat action

L.A. Coroner buy some cool los angeles coroner gift shop items online

The Main Event featuring such battles as Zack Morris vs. Ferris Bueller and M.C. Hammer vs. Vanilla yo mamma so big, she can search the entire internet

 come n get some
MAXIM Magazine "the best thing to happen to men since women"
Stuff Magazine from the makers of MAXIM

Moon Estates buy some land on the moon, mars or venus

Movie Database the internets movie database

Dark Horizons get the latest news, rumours, gossip, reviews, trailers, etc. from new and up coming movies

 dont be fooled by the beautiful women! MTV online Music TeleVision (more like TV with a little Music)

NetZero free internet

NewGrounds the problems of the future, today

Pez Memorabilia pez pez pez!

PhoneSpell what does your phone number spell?

Pointless Clicking its not that bad, check it out

PoliceScanner listen in with real audio on live police radio calls from the top crime infested cities

Porn to Rock a collection of songs performed by the top stars of adult film

Psychic Solution how did you know that??

Random Jokes find something funny here
Random Insults are you rude? the restrooms of the future

 whoa, the colors, man! click here to puke, hehe not sick enough? (w/adultcheck)
Famous Nudes take a peep (w/adultcheck)
Faces of Death a timeless collection of the sick twisted and subhuman

Sassy at "a little sass for that ass!" yellow and white pages covering all 50 states

7 Deadly Sins learn more about these evils phat flash animation site with games, toons, music and need a flash player plug-in from macromedia flash animation

The Sifl and Olly Show mad funny sock puppets

( l^ke b&@ v*g#n%$
South Park Archive archive of all south park episodes
South Park Central download episodes, sounds, games, etc.
Awesome South Park plenty of south park stuff find some entertaining stuff here including death sex and wealth tests buy and sell CD's

Steak and Cheese pics and movies of..well holy shit..lets just say i saw one movie and im gonna be talking soprano just for having seen it..oww

Stile Project crazy fun site for the sick

The Stupid Page true tales of ignorance and silly humor To tickle your funny bone

Supermodel Forever super hot pics

Tom Green Show what the fuck is wrong with this guy?

Tuff Stuff Online check to see if those old tattered & torn baseball and other cards are worth anything

TV Guide Online find what you want to watch

Ultimate Band List find links to ya favorite bands

TerraServer check out your house...from outer space with these satelite photos movies with thumbs, thumb movies

Urban Legends find out if the strange stories youve heard are true or just a myth

Useless Knowledge plenty of useless stuff, hmm, kinda like this site

Virtual Insults insult your friends...and their mothers

WebParody funny parodies of web sites

Weird and SICK Pictures nasty stuff here

Who Wants to be a Millionaire? play the realistic flash game

Yahoo Search your basic search engine
Yahoo Driving Directions where do you want to go today?


by zOey

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